Leaving Nothing on the Table

I believe God has endowed each of us with gifts, callings and purpose. I believe we are made in His image and are therefore brilliant, unique creations with an incredible potential to see, build and grow something new.

*Cue your vision*

Yeah, your vision. That thing that's been keeping you up at night, but in a good way. That thing that won't let you be mediocre because you were created to be extraordinary. That problem you want to solve, person you want to help, or business you want to start -- it's a God-given vision and I know you can see it with your mind's eye.

Listen, I believe there is a table prepared for each of us upon which are dreams and promises with our names on them. Yet each day, we wake and walk right on by. Let that stop today.

No, not everyone desires to be an entrepreneur or start a nonprofit. Some people have a vision for an incredible, healthy family -- and that vision is just as valuable and important as anything else. Whatever you see for your life, whomever you desire to serve, just promise me on thing -- you won't leave anything on your table.

Love you.

Christina, The Visionary Coach

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